Acquia Engage Awards 2021
Trifecta: Igility Solutions Wins Third Acquia Engage Award in 2021

Awards showcase cutting-edge Drupal sites in a variety of categories

Take it to the bank, Igility Solutions is on a hot streak, having earned the honor of another Acquia Engage Award. This year’s win for the “Leader of the Pack: Manufacturing” category was due to the amazing efforts surrounding InkJet, inc. and their transformation into an essential service at the start of the COVID pandemic. This is the third award in the last four years for Igility Solutions. Previous victories include 2020 for groundbreaking contributions to Helmer Scientific as well as stellar efforts in 2018 on behalf of Mobile Mini. Both previous awards were for the “Best Return on Investment” category. 

“Building digital commerce experiences that boost our clients into their next stage of growth and maturity is what we do best at Igility. Collaborating with the amazing team at Inkjet has been a wonderful experience and we look forward to helping them continue to build on this success,” said Igility CEO Brad Gronek.

InkJet’s main product line consists of commercial-grade printers and related inks / fluids. The company’s goal in leveraging Igility was to facilitate a rapid update to add an entirely new product line of hand sanitizers. All of the technology was present to manufacture the product, but getting it to distributors and consumers online in time to be effective was the challenge to overcome. The result was to ensure InkJet became an essential service, retaining their workforce, as well as improvement in e-commerce revenue.

Acquia originally announced the finalists for its 2021 awards on Oct. 8. Fifty-six projects were nominated across 13 categories, and a panel of experts from the Drupal community chose the winners. Those selected demonstrate advanced levels of integration, performance, functionality and user experience. More about this year’s contenders can be learned by attending the annual Acquia Engage Conference.

Igility Solutions is an award-winning team of Drupal experts, world-class designers, creative marketers and Web developers who build B2B web and e-commerce experiences that wow customers and transform businesses. The company closes the gap between vision and results. Since 2005, Igility has provided management-consulting services and technology solutions to growing businesses that seek to tighten their connection with customers, improve employee collaboration and achieve excellence.

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